Prompt: Post-war, Sakura releases her bottled frustrated emotions and feelings of relief onto Sasuke.

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She’d caught him just on his way to the market, her strides long and vigorous as she made her way in his direction. She seemed angry—at what exactly, Sasuke didn’t know, but he didn’t think he wanted to find out. However, just when he thought Sakura would pass him without a word, their eyes met, holding eye contact long enough for him to know that she wasn’t going to let him leave that easily. Shit.

Sasuke barely had time to process what was happening before he felt himself being dragged by the fabric of his shirt.

“Sakura? Hey! Wait,” he said as he attempted pry her fist open, “where the hell are we going?”

Her grip tightened. “We’re sparring. Now.”

She refused to explain any further, and he refused to ask. However, once they arrived at the training grounds things became a little easier. It was simple. All she wanted was to work on some hand-to-hand combat, she told him, and, either by some cruel twist of fate or an act of providence depending on his perspective, Sasuke happened to be the closest person she could find at the time—though how true that statement was, was debatable.

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Ninigi met Konohanasakuya-hime (symbol of flowers), the daughter of Yamatsumi (master of mountains), and they fell in love. Ninigi asked Yamatsumi for his daughter’s hand. The father was delighted and offered both of his daughters, Iwanaga (symbol of rocks) and Sakuya (symbol of flowers)….

Anonymous: karin at least stands up to sasuke unlike sakura who just cries.


Your ability to type in the face of your apparent illiteracy is quite impressive.

Karin has never stood up against Sasuke. The author has even made her tendencies to be his doormat a joke. Immediately after saying she’ll never forgive him for stabbing her, she’s cooing over him and rubbing herself over him, saying she “can’t help it”; she speaks in gibberish and the Japanese text actually has hearts in her bubbles during this scene, while Sasuke has a comical face of exaggerated horror. Karin is a total pushover around Sasuke and the author makes light of both her behavior towards him and his dismissive treatment of her.

Meanwhile when Sakura struggles with her feelings towards Sasuke when he is in his darker stages, the tone of the manga is very serious and emotional. This is because she genuinely loves Sasuke and his coldness, whether directed at her or not, troubles her.

Compare that to Karin, who really doesn’t give a shit about how nasty Sasuke might become as long as it’s not directed towards her, and even when it IS directed towards her, it’s turned into comedic value and she forgives him immediately. As a sensor, Karin was VERY aware of what was happening to Sasuke during the Kage summit, yet she did absolutely nothing to stop him and didn’t even seem concerned about it for more than a panel. She just immediately jumped when he told her to and went back to being his yes-man. Karin watched him kill people, watched his chakra change, watched him become dark and violent, and did absolutely nothing. She did not care.

What did Sakura do when she saw Sasuke headed down what she feared was an irreversible path into darkness? She opted to kill him. Sure, she was unable to stab him in the end, but this was an EXTREMELY intense and emotional scene, and she was ultimately unable to kill him because she remembered the gratitude she had shown him when she had told him she loved him so many years ago (note that when Karin “forgave” Sasuke and was unable to hurt him, there was no flashback or anything remotely serious).

YES, there were times when Sasuke was rude to Sakura and she didn’t react assertively, such as when he told her (and Kakashi) that they couldn’t do anything against Kaguya (a comment, mind you, that 99% of the fandom, including probably you, agreed with at the time), and when he knocked away the apple she gave him in the hospital, but people purposefully take these actions out of context and blow them out of proportion. It’s bizarre how people will point at Sasuke making a rude comment towards Sakura when the entire world was just destroyed and say “Look! He hates her and she just stands there and takes it like a weak crybaby!” while overlooking the fact that Sasuke stabbed Karin in cold blood for no legitimate reason, while smiling about it, and she went right back to slobbering over him with <3 <3 without a second thought. But wait! I know you’re probably all ready to go “But Sasuke tried to stab Sakura, too!” Don’t even bother. Sasuke tried to kill Sakura as a knee-jerk defensive reaction when she tried to stab him. The two situations are not even comparable.

You’re right in that Karin is nothing like Sakura. You just have it entirely backwards. Karin never stands up against Sasuke, and is largely unphased at his terrible behavior because she doesn’t care about him (note that Karin has never shown interest in Sasuke’s history despite knowing that he is clearly traumatized by it). Sakura stands up against Sasuke and is affected by his behavior because she loves him and knows that he is hurting himself (also note that Sakura is very concerned about his past, future, and present and regularly asks him about everything).

Karin’s “love” for Sasuke is entirely wrapped up in whether or not he’ll have sex with her. Karin lets him walk all over her because she doesn’t want to lose the chance to sleep with him, and in doing so she does absolutely nothing to help him grow as a person or recover from his past. She never questions him and and her one attempt to confront him resulted in some forced comedic scene of her making a total fool of herself while he looked on in disgust.

Sakura’s love for Sasuke is love for him as a person. When he acts out, Sakura stands up against him; she is willing to risk his feelings towards her if she thinks it will help him. She is concerned about his emotional and mental well-being, questions his motives regularly, and has confronted him on his behavior multiple times. These scenes are always serious and intense, and Sasuke’s reactions to these moments are equally serious.

I really don’t understand why people like you even pretend to be Karin fans. The “Karin” that I see most “Karin fans” in the Naruto fandom supporting is nothing like the Karin in the manga. Fanon Karin is this strong-willed, outspoken, sex-confident woman who never takes shit from anyone and will do anything for her loved ones. Canon Karin is a simpering, shallow, bad-tempered, weak-willed sex predator who does not care about others in the slightest. Do yourself a favor and stop pretending to care about such a trashy character when in reality you’re just obsessing over some fan-invented Sue because you don’t like the future wife of your fictional crush.

(PS - I find it hilarious how so many people who bash Sakura to elevate Karin focus on how she cries a lot. There is nothing wrong with crying. There is nothing wrong with showing emotion. Sakura is a strong, brave young woman with a big heart. She can cry all she wants because you can bet that while she’s crying, she’ll be standing up for herself, her loved ones, and what she believes is right.)